1. Mmuseumm

Only open on the weekends, this tiny museum is located inside a freight elevator in Tribeca,
and features an eclectic collection—tightly edited, of course—of cultural artefacts that reflect
the modern age. A fascinating look at the zeitgeist, it only holds three people at a time.


2. The Troll Museum

Remember the tiny, neon-haired creatures we played with as kids? Well, there’s a whole
museum dedicated to them. The private collection of a self-described “trollologist”, it
features vintage trolls and colorful related memorabilia packed into the owner’s LES
apartment. The museum is closed right now, but we’re hoping it’s just a hiatus. In the
meantime, you can check out the images online.


3. The earth room

Sure, it’s essentially a room full of dirt, but what makes it cool is the fact that it’s in SoHo,
one of the city’s most visited precincts, and no one knows it’s there. Also, it’s technically
considered a piece of installation art by conceptual artist Walter De Maria, and has been on
display since 1980.


4. the city reliquary

You might have walked past the City Reliquary without even realizing it. Thanks to its
colorful, shop-like exterior, it blends right into this quiet corner of Williamsburg. Run by
members of the community, it’s a cool way to get a new perspective on New York City life.


5. Torah Animal World

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about the fauna featured in the Old Testament, then Torah
Animal World is the place for you. A wonderland of taxidermied animals, this unique
museum is bigger than you think, and can be a fun place to spend your weekend learning
about animals from a new perspective.


If you’ve ever walked around Bushwick or the LES, you’ll know the power of street art to
brighten an area and make a statement. Even Nintendo’s Pokémon app had street art as
pokéstops, and although most of the street art wasn’t there when we stopped by, it was
definitely interesting to see them treated with the same cultural importance as other, more
permanent, landmarks—and also to find out the artists behind some of the pieces that were
still around.

But street art can obviously be found all around the world, so we rounded up 10 of the best
art murals around the world:

1. With his skilful addition of a shadow, street artist Odeith makes this vignette look 3D.

2. Paying homage to motifs from indigenous culture in Mexico, Farid Rueda paints his
version of the Mexican eagle.

3. It’s pretty hard to see this one unless you’re in a helicopter, but artist duo Ella & Pitr
painted a giant man napping in a parking lot in Italy.


4. This mural in Athens, painted by WD aka Wild Drawing, plays with the building’s
architecture in ‘What if I fall? But imagine, what if you fly?’ for a charming encouragement
to chase after your dreams.

5. Delicate and emotional, this piece by Icelandic artist Guido Van Helten isn’t exactly street
art—it’s painted inside—but its artistic merit definitely makes it worth adding to the list.


6. This beautiful, expressive cat piece also plays with the location of the wall on which it’s
painted. Emerging from the bushes, this vibrant, colorful cat was painted by Belgian artist Dzia.

7. This example of trompe l’oeil looks so real it might actually trick you into thinking there’s
a hole in the wall of this building in Marseille. But don’t worry, there isn’t—artist 1010 is
just incredibly talented.

8. Playful and colorful, this piece in Montreal features a very clever use of the building’s bricks.